Odire Occupational Health Services

Odire Occupational Health Services

Odire Occupational Health strive to stay on par with new technological developments
in order to provide our clients with a service that is as comprehensive as possible.


Odire Occupational Hygiene looks at the evaluation and control / prevention of workplace hazards that may result in injury or illness, and the impact on the well-being of workers. Occupational hygienists help organizations to understand the risks to both employees and employers and can assist in the management of programmes to comply with Health and Safety legislation.

Programmes of monitoring, coupled with occupational hygiene best practice advice, are provided to assist in the understanding and mitigation of exposure risk; typically, risks are associated with chemical, biological, physical, ergonomics and psychosocial stressors.

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk Assessments
  • Hygiene Assessments
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Training
  • Laboratory Services

Key service areas include:

  • Occupational Exposure Monitoring
  • Workplace Noise Monitoring
  • Environmental Noise Assessment
  • Confined Spaces Assessment
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and Whole-Body 5Vibration (WBV) Assessments
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Examination and Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Illumination

Odire medical surveillance is responsible for conducting tests at the client’s choice of location. A qualified nurse and technician will complete the required tests and answer any medical questions a client may have. A full report and certificate of fitness is issued to each individual.


  • Health Risks Assessment


  • Physical examination
  • Blood pressure
  • Urine tests
  • Body Mass Index (BMI – height and weight)
  • Audiometry (as required by law)
  • Spirometry (as required by law)
  • Vision screening (as required by law)
  • Chest X-Rays
  • Drug Test
  • Biological monitoring

We also provide:

  • Prophylaxis (vaccines)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employee health & Wellness (Including Counselling services)
  • Injury on duty Management
  • Working on heights assessment (for construction workers)
  • Voluntary HIV/AIDS testing and counselling (HCT)
  • Electrocardiograph

Medical evaluation for incapacity investigation

  • Onsite Clinic Management
  • Mobile Clinic Management

Odire wellness programme aims to reduce risk factors to lives of employees and further improve physical and mental state. Odire Occupational Wellness can work with you to develop a tailored program of Health & Well-being Assessments and health promotion events. Individual or group proactive education events or structured wellbeing programmed to suit your needs, can be delivered on site by our Occupational Health clinicians and Wellbeing Advisors.

Executive wellness is ought to bring customers a personalized experience improving their mental and physical well being, along side using qualified professionals and latest health and wellness technology. A healthy bottom line starts at the top! Our custom designed Executive wellness program is created to expand each executive’s capability to lead, inspire and achieve.

Here at Odire Company Wellness Solutions we pride ourselves on customizing executive packages to suit each Executive’s needs. We provide our Executive services throughout Southern Africa to serve the needs of modern business. Our services range across many industries such as fitness, medical, mental, and spiritual offerings.

All our services can be performed at either the Executives offices or their residence, all the executive needs to do is book their service 24 hours in advance. With every medical or fitness test a full report will be finished to the individual with an information emailer of whom to contact for additional support and how to book a selected practitioner

Psychological wellness

  • Mental illness counselling
  • Physical and occupational counseling
  • One on one counselling
  • Generic & Individual Questionnaires with reports
  • Telephonic health & medical support 24/7 e.g., HIV/AIDS (Offered at 11 official south African languages)
  • Trauma debriefing with necessary intervention where necessary

HIV Counselling

Physical wellness

  • Blood test (HIV, Glucose)
  • Physiotherapist massages
  • Screening tests (Blood glucose, hearing, and cholesterol)
  • Weight, Height and BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Blood pressure (Pulse)
  • Waist circumference

Coaching, training, and management wellness

  • Training for employees, managers, and supervisors
  • Physiotherapist
  • Biokinetics
  • Dieticians
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Services include:

  • Health & Wellbeing Assessments
  • Individual health assessments (45-minute consultation)
  • Individual health check (15-minute check)
  • Health promotion events
  • Targeted group health promotion activities
  • Toolbox talks to employees on selected health matters
  • Health related courses and seminars e.g. sun awareness, cancer prevention, work / life balance, stress awareness and stress management

Odire occupational health prides itself as the ultimate in the supply of the medical equipment and disposables. Clients include private and public hospitals, various government institutions and departments, various parastatals as well as private companies.


  • Medical consumables/supplies and disposables
  • Bath Aids
  • Toilet Aids
  • Home Care Products / Medical furniture
  • Personal mobility equipment
  • Hospital equipment

The Health, Safety and Environmental is responsible for conducting a variety of services to assist our clients in Legal Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Act no.85 of 1993, The Mine Health and Safety Act, Act no.29 of 29 of 1996 and the National Environmental Act, Act no.107 of 1998.


  • Legal Compliance Audits (OHSAct, MHSAct & NEMA)
  • Legal Registers
  • Pre-Certification Audits
  • Environmental Control (Water, Air & Dust)
  • Construction Site (Agency Appointment)
  • Principal Contractor Management
  • Construction Sites
  • GAP Analysis Audit
  • System Implementation (ISO 9001/14001/45000)
  • System Audits for certification
  • Implementation of Health and Safety Compliance System
  • Environmental Pollution Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Aspect and Impact Registers
  • Dust Deposition Monitoring
  • Soil Sampling and Analyses
  • Water Sampling
  • Vehicle Exhaust Emission Monitoring
  • Environmental Noise Surveys
  • Environmental Control on Construction Sites
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