Our Portfolio
Some of the awesome projects we have done

“In the past, our team has worked on a variety of exciting projects. Our Projects which have been executed in the past range from Medical Surveillance, Onsite Clinics, Wellness, Occupational Hygiene and Nursing Placement.

One of the projects undertook is the wellness for GEMS nation wide which is currently still an ongoing project. Other Wellness projects include monitoring and implementing a wellness plan for companies such as MTN (2013 – to date), Joburg Water (2018 – 2021) and Cacadu (2023 – to date). The goal of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Wellness Services was and is designed to elevate the well-being of their workforce and to spread awareness to all employees whilst also addressing and monitoring the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of these employees.

Additionally, Odire has been involved in various occupational hygiene and health and safety projects where we conducted occupational hygiene and health and safety for North West Treasury Department in 2023 and Enel Project 2017 -2022 where we determine the level of occupational exposure in terms of OHS Act 85/93. This helped to align the department and Enel  to OSHA standards to protect workers from health hazards associated with toxic chemicals, biological hazards, and harmful physical agents, furthermore helping the company make informed decisions and optimise their operations whilst reducing risks. 

Odire Medical surveillance projects include medicals for Transnet, SARS throughout South Africa (2015), Maglies Water (2013 – to date), Netcare (2019 – to date) and many more where we ensure employees are fit for duty and compliance for government entities and private companies. Chest X-Ray and onsite clinic projects include DTI (2018 – 2021), PPC (2018 – 2022) , Groot Marico (2019-2022) and National Nuclear Regulator (2022). In addition Odire has been involved with projects with Tshiamiso Trust where we process claims for ex mine workers on behalf of the trust where claimants will then become eligible for compensation due to contracting TB or silicosis from working in.

Nursing placement projects which Odire has been involved in include the placement of nurses at TUT campuses/clinics throughout South Africa in 2022 to date, and nurses at Transnet clinics throughout South Africa in 2023. This is where Odire is manages the employees for the company and their HR requirements and needs throughout the duration of their contracts. 

These are just a few examples of the diverse projects we have successfully completed in the past. Our team is always eager to take on new challenges and leverage our expertise to deliver high quality services tailored to the clients needs to ensure compliance with the occupational health and safety act.”