Odire Shared Services offers a wide range of ancillary, support function based services that allow the Odire Holdings Group as well as its externally based market to function optimally through. Our Shared Services division allows Odire Holdings Group to consolidate all business operations by having them catered to internally which allows for a greater focus on all core activities of the group.
The ultimate goal of our Shared Services division is to allow each business division to focus its resources on the core activities of that business unit, which allows for the Odire group to perform more optimally and efficiently.

Odire Shared Services employs skilled and technical staff to cater to all of its clients with services ranging from financial management targeted solutions, supply chain management, human resource management, risk, governance and compliance as well as business development.

These services are provided for in a manner that allows for integration through the most important core activities of each of its clients. The Shared Services portfolio is aimed an granting continuous improvement through the provision of their core service.