Odire Innovation and Technology is the Technology, innovation and project division of Odire Holdings Group. Our aim is to constantly deliver innovative project based solutions to our clients whilst forming long lasting relationships with our ever growing client base.

We aim to provide a full suit of IT related products and services to give our clients a one stop experience whilst managing and meeting their requirements.

By making use of our extensive experience gained through servicing our clients, we are consistently able to better our client specific solutions whilst ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience from a professional solutions architect. Odire Innovation and Technology has established valid partnerships within the industry that it operates in and it aims to continuously grow into the most preferred solutions provider.


  • Systems Integration
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Big Data Management
  • Software Development
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Customised Software Solutions
  • Customised Applications
  • App Development

Odire Innovation and Technology provides background screening products and services which allow clients to always be fully informed of their employees history from a wide range of customised options. By providing background screening services, we are able to establish a trusting environment between employers and employees where we encourage transparency whilst building better working environments. We make use of various technologies to implement our services, ensuring that we are always up to date with the current market offerings.

Background screening solution

  • All in one solution offering
  • Credit checks
  • Qualification verifications
  • Identification verifications
  • Fraud checks and bank account verifications
  • Workplace reference checks including employment history
  • Citizenship and residency verifications

AFIS and Premium solutions offerings

  • AFIS Criminal record checks
  • In-house applications
  • Systems integration and capturing software facilities
  • Premium client enrolment service
  • Employer checks
  • Child carer checks
  • Secure confidential information storage
  • Specialised solution requests

Odire Innovation and Technology strives to package solutions that are aimed at meeting our clients specific requirements. Ease of use and functionality are the primary bases of our systems whilst offering complete end user service as and when required.

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Odire Innovation and Technology are specialists when it comes to operating within the consulting space, where there is an ever-growing need for professional service providers, that are qualified and have unmatched levels of experience. We offer targeted project management solutions that are aimed at exceeding the requirements of our clients and ensure confidence within the quality of work granted by Odire Innovation and Technology.

Our service offering is aimed at ensuring that the clients managed by Odire Innovation and Technology are granted a premium level of service, that we tailor to cater to their requirements. We make use of our vast levels of experience with our proven record of accomplishment through the provision of our scope of services.

Service Offering:

  • Project consulting
  • Project risk management
  • Project scheduling
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Contract administration
  • Project resource allocation
  • Project relationship management
  • Client liaison management
  • Project implementation