Who is Odire Consulting Services?

Odire Consulting Services is multi-disciplinary Engineering and Projects division of the Odire Holdings Group, with specialities within the field of Engineering and Architectural design, Project management and procurement. Odire Consulting Services takes advantage of newly developed technological platforms to ensure that every solution provided to its clients is optimized in the best way possible.

Odire Consulting Services was established in 2010, it maintains a level 1 BEE contribution rating whilst offering a wide scope of services geared to give its clients the best possible solution whilst ensuring that their experience with Odire Consulting Services is driven by passion, dedication and integrity to the clients overall vision.

Our Core Business

  • Engineering and Architectural Designs
  • Project Management and Project Control
  • Project Resourcing
  • EPC and Designs
  • Project Procurement
  • Risk Management and Control
  • Management Consulting and AdvisoryRoads and Rail