Who is Odire?

Odire Holdings Group is a group of companies in the areas of Healthcare Services, Engineering, Consulting, Consumers, Products, Property Development, Innovation and Technology.

The targeted client base includes but is not limited to construction entity’s, mines, consultants, private and public companies as well as both small and large businesses. Odire Holdings Group has been in existence since 2010 where its core business was only focused on providing Occupational Health Services, it has since grown to include a wide scope of services for which it is able to provide by making use of its best practice techniques and skills carried out by its qualified, experienced and well-equipped workforce.

The company headquarters are based in Pretoria, Gauteng, although it has been able to maintain a sound client base nationally due to its ability to uphold strong business relations with the clients that it services. The Business is 100% Black Woman owned and it maintains its status by ensuring that all its BEE requirements are continuously met in accordance to legislation.

The goals and the vision of the business are driven by being in line with its overall core strategy, which comprises of ensuring that each individual within the company is given an opportunity to realise their full potential and to ensure that they are able to meet their personal goals whilst being at the company.


To offer proactive, innovative solutions to our clients and shareholders through providing professional and quality services in order to transform our clients vision into reality.


To grow an integrated solutions offering within the healthcare and innovative technology space through:

  • Strategic partnerships and collaboration
  • Innovation and knowledge management
  • Good corporate and cooperative governance
  • Effective stakeholder communication

Performance Values

  • Customer focus: Providing services and solutions in a manner that is efficient, effective and responsive
  • Service excellence: Doing it right the first time
  • Ethical: Promoting good corporate governance principles of integrity, transparency and accountability

Organisational values

  • Empowerment: Create an environment of growth and development for our people
  • Integrity: Act with integrity by maintaining the highest standards for accountability, serving with respect and honesty
  • Recognition: Be an organisation that values its people by ensuring fairness of systems, processes and rewarding performance